Rev. (Dr.) Mrs. Jane Onaolapo is an outstanding woman of God who has been in the Christian faith since she gave her life to Christ as a young teenage girl. She is a 1982 Geography Graduate of the University of Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria, where she was very active at various levels in the campus fellowship which she championed. She also ministered to the needs of the fellowship members, gave counselling and career talks which helped to give them a new sense of direction.

These helped in shaping her leadership skills which have come to bear in her ministry work today. Rev. (Dr.) Mrs. Jane Onaolapo also holds Msc. in Climatology from the University of Ilorin as well as a PhD in Christian Theology from (IMI) Pensacola Florida. She is the General Overseer of Abundant Life Gospel Churches worldwide with fourteen (14) branches across Nigeria. She assumed this position in October 2012 shortly after her husband and Founder of Abundant Life Gospel Churches, Bishop Kola Onaolapo passed on to glory. She is a great preacher and teacher of God’s Word who ministers with notable signs and miracles accompanying her works. She is an international conference speaker, a tele-evangelist and inspirational author of several (14) life-transforming books.

She is a recipient of several meritorious awards such as the award of “Mother in Israel” powered by Israel Today Nigeria, “Outstanding Philanthropist and Mother of the Year” by PAN African International Magazine, “Excellent Woman in Leadership” by PFN – Lagos State Women’s Wing, “Virtuous Mother Merit Award” by Media Stead International Limited, among others. She is well known and highly respected for her undiluted Bible teachings, Christian values and Kingdom principles. She is blessed with four children with one married and resides with her family in Lagos, Nigeria.