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To reach the world with the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. To know God, make disciples, build godly community and change the world for Jesus and His kingdom. To raise a Holy assembly of Christians having great faith in the birth, redemption work, death, resurrection and second coming of our Lord Jesus Christ (Mark 16:15-17). Raise a prosperous and consecrated people evangelising everywhere and anywhere for Christ (I Peter 2:9).


To teach and encourage the real practise of biblical development for young converts. To preach the true gospel of Christ as entrenched in the Bible for the salvation of the souls of men and helping them to grow and mature in manifesting an unwavering Godly character till the end which is made perfect in us through our saviour and Lord Jesus Christ. To believe, preach and enjoy the absolute life of abundance which Jesus has redeemed for us. John 10:10. To serve and worship God in Spirit and in Truth (John 4: 23-24). To teach and bolster Godly - Christian relationship and leadership growth. To ensure the emulation of God’s standards for Singles, Married Couple and for the entire home. To impact life positively by rendering biblical spiritual encouragement and supports for Widows/Widowers and less privilege people in the society. Worship with us and experience the presence of God and you'll definitely be touched staying close to Jesus through the messages and worship that change your walk with Him.




Saviour, Messiah, Redeemer, God… Learn why history has never been the same since Jesus made the ultimate sacrifice.


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  • At Healing Crusade on Thursday 29th Dec., 2016, I prayed for a friend’s husband of my younger sister who resides at Dublin in Ireland and he was healed of Lung Cancer. Also, as Mummy G.O was ministering, she mentioned the case of someone living with lung cancer. I keyed into it and asked God to have mercy on the man. Thereafter, I confirmed he was truly healed.

    Sis. Nnena .I.
  • I had been battling with a pounding sensation in my left ear for some time. The pounding was continuous and was so much that it caused me sleepless nights. At the Healing Crusade, when Mummy asked people having pains in their ears to lay their hands on their ears, I placed my hand on my left ear and she prayed for everyone affected. To the glory of God Almighty, when I got home after the programme, I realized that the pounding in my left ear had ceased. That night, I slept like a baby and I thank God for healing me.

    Sis. Nnena .I.
  • I came to Lagos to work and have been living in Ibafo but things were not moving well for me. My wife works in Benin and attends a church over there with our children. I wasn’t attending any church because I couldn’t find a church that I could flow with. So, I stayed indoors until one day when I stumbled across Abundant Life Gospel Church at Ibafo and decided to worship there. When I came for “Prayer Conference” at the headquarter church in Agege, Mummy G.O prophesied that God would raise me from grass to grace again. She said so because I was once very comfortable and could afford the good things of life without stress but at the time I went for the programme, I was in hardship and went there with three prayer requests. Today, the Lord has answered them. My car which was old and problematic has been replaced with a new one, my daughter has gained admission into the university without stress, and another has been admitted into a modeling school with a scholarship. On 25th June 2017, I clocked a year older and moved out of Ibafo to a new apartment in an Estate at Ikeja. I called my wife to tell her that my life has turned around and she is preparing to come with my children to join me in Lagos. I am very happy and give God all the glory for all His countless wonders in my life.

    Bro. William
  • For several years, I smoked weed (marijuana). Though I was born into a Christian home, as I grew up, I mingled with people who introduced the smoking of Marijuana to me. I got so addicted to it that every morning, I would smoke it like that day would be my end. I also used to prepare my meals with it because I just couldn’t do without it. I got so used to smoking marijuana that the people in my neighbourhood gave me a name. If I do not smoke, I wouldn’t be able to eat or do anything. My case was as bad as that. But when I attended Enough is Enough Crusade 2017, I gave my life to Christ. I became very penitent and prayed to God to remove from me whatever He had not planted in me which was making me live recklessly. Today, God has transformed me and taken away the smoking of marijuana from me. I wake up in the morning, brush my teeth and don’t ever feel the urge to smoke. It is the Lord’s doing and I give Him all the glory. People around me can see the transformation. Someone who thought that I could never change because my life had been hampered with weed smoking saw the transformation in me and followed me to the Breakthrough Service of Abundant Life Gospel Church. He told me that if God could transform me, then He could also work things out for him in his areas of need. I thank God for transforming my life from the worst to the best. Praise the Lord!

    Sis. Elizabeth
  • My family and I came to Abundant Life Gospel Church with a lot of problems. All hope was lost for us; we had no home, I was jobless, my wife had liver problem with severe cough and was bedwetting. My three year old daughter was also blind from birth. Doctors wrote my wife off saying she had only few days to live as her case was already terminal. When we came to Abundant Life Church, Mummy G.O ministered and her message pointed to all our challenges. It was like God had revealed our ordeal to her. After that service, we went to see her. My wife and I told her all that we were going through and she prayed for us. After that prayer, we became hopeful believing God for a transformation. The night of that same day, I had a dream that Mummy G.O called my wife and me and ministered to us. We knelt down on her instruction and she prayed for us. Three days later, my wife began to feel strange. I quickly remembered my dream and asked her to go for a test. I took her to a hospital where she was tested. To our utmost amazement, the test read negative to liver problem. To be certain about the result, we went to three more doctors who confirmed that she was free of liver ailment.

    Bro. Henry
  • My wife had also been bed-wetting for twenty-six years and had been coughing. She had tried using drugs but the cough just wouldn’t cease. The bed-wetting problem was also very shameful and I could not discuss it with anyone. In October 2016, she and I attended the National Prayer Conference at Abundant Life Gospel Church and prayed for God’s visitation upon her life. We also could not tell Mummy G.O about it but the Holy Spirit told her during one of the anointing services at the Prayer Conference. Mummy anointed her and from that time to date, she has stopped bed-wetting. Indeed! God visited her because every three days, she would bed wet but all through our stay at the conference, she did not bed wet. Again, the persistent cough which she suffered from for several years was laid at the feet of Jesus at the conference and before we left the Prayer Conference, the cough stopped. We noticed this change after the Holy Communion Session at the conference when Mummy said people believing God for the fruit of the womb should take a double portion. I took another cup of the blood of Jesus for my wife not for her to have another baby but specifically for God to take the cough away. She drank it and that was it! God healed her. Today, she no longer coughs. Praise the living God; the miracle worker!

    Bro. Henry
  • On Thursday 13th April 2017, I received a message from Mummy G.O in which she told all ordained leaders who had not attended the morning session of the All Believers’ Convention to attend the evening sessions. I locked up my shop and headed straight to church for the programme. As I attended the programme, I told God that as I sacrificed three days for the convention, He should bless my business afterwards. Indeed, after the programme, as I opened on Tuesday, God did more than I expected. He dazed me with unusual sales. I sold goods that I had not sold since December 2016 and customers just keep trooping in. I thank God for blessing me with unusual sales. Praise the Lord!

    Evang. Bola R.
  • For seven years, I have believed God for the fruit of the womb. My husband and I had fasted and prayed, yet it looked as if the challenge would not go away. Doctors had given me diagnosis that seemed as if it was impossible for me to ever have a child but I cried to God and unrelentingly believed Him for a miracle. Last year during Superfest 2016, I was very expectant that the Lord would remember me. I keyed into the testimonies of people whom God had answered their prayers concerning the fruit of the womb. I also touched the altar where Bishop Okonkwo with his wife had prayed for Mummy G.O and laid the hand on my stomach as a point of contact to my conception. After Superfest, I took ill and was confirmed pregnant when I went for a medical test. The Lord saw me through the pregnancy and today, I am a mother of a beautiful baby girl. I give Him all the glory for making me fruitful at last. Glory be to the God of miracles!

    Sis. Seyi O.



Men’s Ministry exists to lead men in a growing relationship with Jesus Christ. We are friends: old friends making new friends, always allowing the circle to grow wider.We are brothers: accepting one another…             KNOW MORE


Women’s Ministry exists to lead women in a growing relationship with Jesus Christ. We are friends: old friends making new friends, always allowing the circle to grow wider.We are sisters: accepting one another… KNOW MORE


Complete in Christ. Building Community for Single Adults Through Discipleship.
We pour our lives and support into the singles that are already saved and those still coming. We always have something for them to do be active for Christ by moulding, inspiring, nurturing, and empowering them to knowing and serving God in Spirit and truth with God-given gifts in them, helping them grow spiritually, seeing and experiencing God working through them.
For God, who said, “Let light shine out of darkness,” made his light shine in your hearts to give you the light of the knowledge of God’s glory displayed in the face of Christ. 2 Cor. 4:6.



By his grace we are glad to help teenagers' grow in the love of Christ, Passionate to Mould, Inspire, Nurture, and Empower these young ones in knowing and serving God in Spirit and truth with their gifts, helping them grow spiritually, seeing and experiencing God working through them. The teenage phase is the time when you cross from childhood to adulthood (Maturity age). At this growing phase, many feel alone, even among crowds in the world. As a teenager, you are faced with certain emotional differences; all of which you must learn to put under control. At this point, your choice of friends can either lead you to pressure and pleasure of sin or leads you to grow in holiness with Jesus Christ.



Often on Sundays and special children's day, we considered gathering together our children as a family to dedicate them to God in Bible teaching and prayer, asking God to accomplish spiritual and physical purpose for them – especially that they would develop in Godly attitude in Jesus Christ