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TEXT: JOB 26:13

By “sweet”, I am not talking about sugar or honey. When I refer to the Holy Spirit as sweet, I mean He is very dear, loving, delightful, nice, good, precious, friendly, adorable, as well as every other word that can be used to qualify anything sweet. That someone is sweet does not mean that that person is edible. He is sweet because he always does things that trigger you into a wonderful mood. Many people have had their children or spouses call them darling or sweet.

The Bible makes it clear to us that by the Holy Spirit, the heaven is made beautiful. The more we relate with Him, the more we have reasons to enjoy Him. The more He manifests Himself to us, the more we want to be with Him. Have you ever been out at night and seen how beautiful the full moon and stars are? Have you travelled about 12-13 thousand feet above sea level and looked down to see how beautiful heaven is? These are little things compared to what the Holy Spirit does. In Romans 15:1-19, Apostle Paul told us how easy it was for him to preach the gospel all over Jerusalem and everywhere by the power of the Holy Spirit with signs and wonders accompanying his works.

In Matthew 12:28, Jesus Christ said: “But if I cast out devils by the Spirit of God, then the Kingdom of God is come unto you”. The Holy Spirit will not allow devils to remain in the life of anyone it has been cast out from. The baptism of the Holy Ghost brings great transformation to people’s lives. A certain man received the Holy Ghost baptism during one of my programmes. Somehow, he got my number and called me to testify of how a very wicked spirit which had been tormenting his life for several years left him. Also, the day I received the Holy Ghost baptism, I was healed of an ailment of six years.

In Luke 2:25-28, we shall be seeing an example of the manifestation of the sweet Holy Spirit in the life of a man called Simeon. Simeon is a replica of every born-again child of God filled with the Holy Ghost and waiting for the manifestation of the Messiah, the deliverer. He had been waiting for the arrival of the Messiah for years thinking he was going to come from the South or East. Simeon was a devoted man, filled with the Holy Spirit. To him, the coming of the Messiah was very important and that was the only thing he looked forward to. His dream was to see the manifestation of Jesus and as a child of God, he was qualified for it. The Holy Spirit made him to understand that he would not see death until his desire had been accomplished.

No matter how long your expectation might take to manifest, you will not die until you see your desire accomplished. That is what the sweet Holy Spirit will do for you.

When He is with you, He will not leave you comfortless, stranded or wanting something that is legitimately yours.

In the course of this series, I have talked about how the Spirit of the Lord saw the children of Israel through their wilderness experience in the book of Nehemiah 9:20. From Egypt through the wilderness, He made sure that they had manna (food), water, their clothes did not wear out and their feet did not get swollen.

I also talked about how the Holy Spirit knows how to run errands. He has a will and a mind so, He does whatever He decides to do. He ensures that what God has in store for us is rightly delivered to us – I Cor. 9:11-12. That was the same Holy Spirit who was upon Simeon’s life and assured him that his heart desires would be met before he died.

Mary was also overshadowed by the same Holy Spirit when she conceived Jesus. The Holy Spirit brought Mary and Joseph to the Temple to dedicate Jesus and at the same time led Simeon there. He automatically worked out Simeon’s desire and led him to it. The Holy Spirit delivered Jesus into his hands. Simeon’s hands handled his desire, his eyes saw it and he was fulfilled to depart (die) in peace.

Have you ever desired something for long? The Holy Spirit in you will work it out. I am a testimony of the manifestation of the sweet Holy Spirit. When I was in my early 20s, the church where I worshipped had about 15-20 members with no grown-up man of my age range. I was virtually the only person of my age and the rest members were children, teenagers, old fathers and mothers. As I served the Lord faithfully, someone walked up to me one day and asked: “Won’t you get married? Why do you choose to remain in a place of worship this small when you know that you can’t get anyone fit to marry you? Go to bigger worship centers like Abundant Life Gospel Church where you can find good suitors.” After that elderly man had spoken those words to me, I sought the face of the Lord concerning the matter. Then the Holy Spirit assured me of how He had the whole world in His palm. He told me that in His own time, He would bring my husband my way. He then set up a church programme (conference) somewhere which I managed to attend. It was at that conference I met my husband.

Calm down. You may not know how or when God will visit you. He will and your heart’s desires will be met. Age does not really matter in the sight of God. Simeon was very old but he was still able to achieve his heart’s desires before he died.

The Holy Spirit is the best friend anyone should have. Connect with Him today and you will enjoy life to the fullest.


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