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Attributes are distinct characteristics. When a person behaves in a certain manner people say: “That’s his attribute.” The Holy Spirit is an amazing gift which the Father has sent to us. The more we study about Him, the more we will discover His amazing ways that will cause us to always hunger for Him. No wonder Benny Hinn wrote a book which he titled: GOOD MORNING HOLY SPIRIT. He knew how important the Holy Spirit is: that He wakes him up in the morning so, he acknowledged His presence by asking Him to go about the day’s activity with him. The Holy Spirit is very important and powerful in our lives. He takes major parts in our day to day activities which is why we shall be looking at His attributes.

From our text, the Bible makes it very clear that the Holy Spirit has been sent to be with us permanently. He will be with us forever since He dwells in us and lives with us. Do you know that all through the time the children of Israel left Egypt journeying to the promise land, the Holy Spirit was with them? God gave them the Holy Spirit to instruct them and be with them – Nehemiah 9:20. It was by the Spirit that their needs were met and their health was preserved.

As we study the attributes of the Holy Spirit, you must understand that the Holy Spirit never leaves us. He dwells with us. If peradventure as human you fall into any temptation for one reason or the other, the Holy Spirit will quickly convict you of your sin. So, if the Holy Spirit convicts you, please repent immediately and be restored.

The Bible says: “Little children sin not but if you sin, we have advocate with the Father…” A lot of times, when the Holy Spirit chastises us, we prove too stubborn to be corrected. We may pay deaf ears because we have become so familiar with Him that we do not want to listen or be convicted. Whenever the Holy Spirit convicts you, it is for your good, so that He can bring you back on the right track which is one of His assignment here on earth.

The Holy Spirit has the following attributes:


The Holy Spirit is a Spirit of Power. When you see Him, you see power. The Bible says that if the Spirit of Him that raises Jesus Christ dwells in us, it will quicken our mortal bodies. That quickening is power. No wonder II Tim 1:7 says: “For God has not given us the spirit of fear, but of power,…” Anytime you are afraid, know that it is the devil that is at work. Wherever the Holy Spirit is present, boldness and power take charge.


The Holy Spirit is acquainted with every fact, truth, information, data, secret and mystery in the whole universe. He knows everything because He was there when the world was created – I Cor. 2:9-10. If a mere human being can know how to get to the moon and the stars, then what do you think the Holy Spirit will know? He will know everything because He searches all things; even the deep things of God.

You have a great companion in the form of the Holy Spirit. All you need to do is to leverage on His presence. Sometimes, when you don’t know that you have someone of great importance around you, you may be limited. However, if you come to realize that the person has all the information you need, you will partner with him.


The Holy Spirit is not someone you can push around. He is as solid as the Father Himself. Romans 8:27 says: “…knoweth what is in the mind of the Spirit, because he maketh intercession for the saints, according to the will of God”

In distributing gifts, you are not the one to determine what the Holy Spirit will give to anyone or you. While someone may be able to sing beautifully, your voice may sound frogy. You don’t need to worry yourself about that because the Holy Spirit distributes gifts as He wills. All you need to do is to celebrate such a singer and then find out the special gift which the Holy Spirit has put in you to also make others celebrate you.

This is why you must never look down on anyone or criticize him by asking: “Why should this person have this or that?” In II Chron. 20, when Jehoshaphat was about to go to a battle and everyone was asked to fast and pray, a young man called Jehaziel who was neither a prophet nor titled in any way participated and the Spirit of prophesy came upon him. He was just a Levite but because he positioned himself in the place of prayer, the spirit of prophecy came upon him amidst other prophets.  That happened because the Holy Spirit has a will and a determination to come upon whoever He wants to use or bless. He does so without taking permission from anyone.

No one knows what is in the mind of the Spirit except the Spirit Himself and that is why it is not necessary to form a committee for everything or seek counsel for everything. But it is pertinent to first seek the Holy Spirit and obey whatever instructions He gives. When He tells you the direction to go, obey Him and do not take any other suggestion given by anyone else.

Desiring to marry a man that has everything you want is not a bad idea but at times the Holy Spirit might counter some of these personal standards you must have laid down.

I am a testimony to such directives by the Holy Spirit. Before I got married to my husband, I had a standard for the kind of man I wanted to marry. However, the Lord spoke otherwise and convinced me on why I should marry the man I married. I obeyed Him and I thank God that I worked by the leading of the Holy Spirit.


The Holy Spirit speaks. He is not daft in any way. In Revelation chapters 1, 2 and 3 the Bible says that he who has an ear, should hear what the spirit is saying. The question is: “Do you have an ear?” When you hear someone say: “The Lord spoke to me”, it is not always with the physical ear that one hears and sometimes, it is not usually audible. We hear with the spiritual ears because the Spirit of God bears witness with our spirits and we hear Him very clearly.

Sometimes ago, I heard the testimony of one my brothers who was just sitting right under a fan and calmly reading his newspaper, when suddenly he heard a voice in his heart say: “Get up!” Looking around him, he saw no reason to get up but because the voice was too strong to be resisted, he stood up reluctantly. Not quite up to a minute, the ceiling fan that was on and rolling, fell. It kept rolling until it finally stopped. Can you imagine what would have happened to that man if he had not obeyed the voice that asked him to get up? The fan would have fallen on him and cut him in several places.

Learn to listen to the Holy Spirit. Every morning when you wake up, say to Him: “Holy Spirit, you are my partner and standby. Lead, guide, reveal deep secrets to me.” When all these things are in place, your life will become enjoyable, easy and you will be less confused about life. What should give others fear or sleepless nights will give you peace in the spirit because the Holy Spirit has already spoken to you and revealed the mind of God to you. Also, where others fail, you will succeed. When the Holy Spirit says “Go ahead”, just listen to Him. If you want to join people where you think they are succeeding and the Holy Spirit says “Don’t make any move”, please comply for your own benefit. No wonder Apostle said: “I commend you into the hand of the Holy Spirit”. You can’t do anything without Him.


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