At Healing Crusade on Thursday 29th Dec., 2016, I prayed for a friend’s husband of my younger sister who resides at Dublin in Ireland and he was healed of Lung Cancer. Also, as Mummy G.O was ministering, she mentioned the case of someone living with lung cancer. I keyed into it and asked God to have mercy on the man. Thereafter, I confirmed he was truly healed. Sister Nnena .I.


I had been battling with a pounding sensation in my left ear for some time. The pounding was continuous and was so much that it caused me sleepless nights. At the Healing Crusade, when Mummy asked people having pains in their ears to lay their hands on their ears, I placed my hand on my left ear and she prayed for everyone affected. To the glory of God Almighty, when I got home after the programme, I realized that the pounding in my left ear had ceased. That night, I slept like a baby and I thank God for healing me. Sister Nnena .I.


I came to Lagos to work and have been living in Ibafo but things were not moving well for me. My wife works in Benin and attends a church over there with our children. I wasn’t attending any church because I couldn’t find a church that I could flow with. So, I stayed indoors until one day when I stumbled across Abundant Life Gospel Church at Ibafo and decided to worship there. When I came for “Prayer Conference” at the headquarter church in Agege, Mummy G.O prophesied that God would raise me from grass to grace again. She said so because I was once very comfortable and could afford the good things of life without stress but at the time I went for the programme, I was in hardship and went there with three prayer requests. Today, the Lord has answered them. My car which was old and problematic has been replaced with a new one, my daughter has gained admission into the university without stress, and another has been admitted into a modeling school with a scholarship. On 25th June 2017, I clocked a year older and moved out of Ibafo to a new apartment in an Estate at Ikeja. I called my wife to tell her that my life has turned around and she is preparing to come with my children to join me in Lagos. I am very happy and give God all the glory for all His countless wonders in my life. Bro. William


For several years, I smoked weed (marijuana). Though I was born into a Christian home, as I grew up, I mingled with people who introduced the smoking of Marijuana to me. I got so addicted to it that every morning, I would smoke it like that day would be my end. I also used to prepare my meals with it because I just couldn’t do without it. I got so used to smoking marijuana that the people in my neighbourhood gave me a name. If I do not smoke, I wouldn’t be able to eat or do anything. My case was as bad as that. But when I attended Enough is Enough Crusade 2017, I gave my life to Christ. I became very penitent and prayed to God to remove from me whatever He had not planted in me which was making me live recklessly. Today, God has transformed me and taken away the smoking of marijuana from me. I wake up in the morning, brush my teeth and don’t ever feel the urge to smoke. It is the Lord’s doing and I give Him all the glory. People around me can see the transformation. Someone who thought that I could never change because my life had been hampered with weed smoking saw the transformation in me and followed me to the Breakthrough Service of Abundant Life Gospel Church. He told me that if God could transform me, then He could also work things out for him in his areas of need. I thank God for transforming my life from the worst to the best. Praise the Lord! Sister Elizabeth


My family and I came to Abundant Life Gospel Church with a lot of problems. All hope was lost for us; we had no home, I was jobless, my wife had liver problem with severe cough and was bedwetting. My three year old daughter was also blind from birth. Doctors wrote my wife off saying she had only few days to live as her case was already terminal. When we came to Abundant Life Church, Mummy G.O ministered and her message pointed to all our challenges. It was like God had revealed our ordeal to her. After that service, we went to see her. My wife and I told her all that we were going through and she prayed for us. After that prayer, we became hopeful believing God for a transformation. The night of that same day, I had a dream that Mummy G.O called my wife and me and ministered to us. We knelt down on her instruction and she prayed for us. Three days later, my wife began to feel strange. I quickly remembered my dream and asked her to go for a test. I took her to a hospital where she was tested. To our utmost amazement, the test read negative to liver problem. To be certain about the result, we went to three more doctors who confirmed that she was free of liver ailment. Bro. Henry


My wife had also been bed-wetting for twenty-six years and had been coughing. She had tried using drugs but the cough just wouldn’t cease. The bed-wetting problem was also very shameful and I could not discuss it with anyone. In October 2016, she and I attended the National Prayer Conference at Abundant Life Gospel Church and prayed for God’s visitation upon her life. We also could not tell Mummy G.O about it but the Holy Spirit told her during one of the anointing services at the Prayer Conference. Mummy anointed her and from that time to date, she has stopped bed-wetting. Indeed! God visited her because every three days, she would bed wet but all through our stay at the conference, she did not bed wet. Again, the persistent cough which she suffered from for several years was laid at the feet of Jesus at the conference and before we left the Prayer Conference, the cough stopped. We noticed this change after the Holy Communion Session at the conference when Mummy said people believing God for the fruit of the womb should take a double portion. I took another cup of the blood of Jesus for my wife not for her to have another baby but specifically for God to take the cough away. She drank it and that was it! God healed her. Today, she no longer coughs. Praise the living God; the miracle worker! Bro. Henry


On Thursday 13th April 2017, I received a message from Mummy G.O in which she told all ordained leaders who had not attended the morning session of the All Believers’ Convention to attend the evening sessions. I locked up my shop and headed straight to church for the programme. As I attended the programme, I told God that as I sacrificed three days for the convention, He should bless my business afterwards. Indeed, after the programme, as I opened on Tuesday, God did more than I expected. He dazed me with unusual sales. I sold goods that I had not sold since December 2016 and customers just keep trooping in. I thank God for blessing me with unusual sales. Praise the Lord! Evang. Bola R.


For seven years, I have believed God for the fruit of the womb. My husband and I had fasted and prayed, yet it looked as if the challenge would not go away. Doctors had given me diagnosis that seemed as if it was impossible for me to ever have a child but I cried to God and unrelentingly believed Him for a miracle. Last year during Superfest 2016, I was very expectant that the Lord would remember me. I keyed into the testimonies of people whom God had answered their prayers concerning the fruit of the womb. I also touched the altar where Bishop Okonkwo with his wife had prayed for Mummy G.O and laid the hand on my stomach as a point of contact to my conception. After Superfest, I took ill and was confirmed pregnant when I went for a medical test. The Lord saw me through the pregnancy and today, I am a mother of a beautiful baby girl. I give Him all the glory for making me fruitful at last. Glory be to the God of miracles! Sister Seyi O. read




On 23rd September 2018 after Sunday worship service, an elderly man who is a relative of my father walked into our church (Abundant Life Gospel Church) at Urora in Benin demanding to see me. He was asked to wait; that I would see him when I was done with attending to some church members. When I was through, I sent for him. He came in and we exchanged pleasantries. Then he told me his mission; that he had come to brief me on the outcome of the meeting which the Chief Priest and the community leaders of Evbomodu and Urora had with all the Pastors on 16th Sept. 2018. He told me that because I was the only pastor who did not attend the meeting, he was personally sent to inform me that there would be “Ikpoleki festival” from 28th Sept. to 5th October 2018 between 8:00am and 3:00pm. “Ikpoleki” in Benin dialect means “to sweep the market”. He further said that for that reason, no church was expected to open for any form of service because there would be no movement especially on Sunday 30th Sept. 2018. He added that the instruction was binding on everyone living within the two communities (Evbomodu and Urora) especially females who must not be seen around within the stipulated dates and time. Ikpoleki is an idolatry practice/festival and the elderly man presented the festival’s invitation card to me. I rejected it because collecting it would mean my acceptance and compliance.

I became angry in my spirit because I could not believe that Pastors of churches (supposed believers of Christ) would accept to close down their churches within those days of the festival.

When he was done speaking, I pretentiously told him that though I was not trading in the market, if it was to sweep the environment where our church is, my members and I would participate in the clean-up practice. The elderly man emphasized, “Mama, that’s not what we’re talking about. This festival is an idolatry practice”. At this time, it was obvious that the old man read my reaction because he said almost immediately, “I know you are not aware. That’s why I personally came to tell you. You’re my sister and you need to know also that we have the Oba of Benin’s backing and permission to carry out this practice.”

I thanked him and he left. I knew within me that it was a spiritual battle and I made up my mind to go to God in prayers concerning the issue.

When my mother heard the news, she said that she would see the chief priest herself to find out what the Ikpoleki festival had to do with churches being closed down; that it had never happened in the history of Benin.

I left church around 4:00pm that Sunday. When I got home, I began to ask the Lord what I should do. I remembered the advice Rev. Ibitoye gave me sometime in December 2014. “My sister, you’re going to Edo now. No doubt you are a servant called by God and you have the zeal to serve and other things but you lack some knowledge. I can see very clearly that your blood is very hot. Please, don’t go to Edo State to burn down shrines because of what you went through and what you are going through right now. Present love to the people in Benin when you get there. When they see the love of Christ in you, they’ll willingly surrender their shrines.” At that time he advised me, it was as if he had seen what I was planning to do. He went further to tell me a story about two servants of God who were sent to his village. The first one did not succeed and was killed because he lacked knowledge of the love of Christ but the second one succeeded because he presented love to the villagers. He even went as far as eating with witches and giving some of them a helping hand. Today, I appreciate him for that first-hand information and advice. When I went to Benin to Pastor Abundant Life Gospel Church, I soon realized that I could not win the people I hated for Christ so, I tried all I could to show them love.

I called mummy G. O. and relayed everything to her. She counselled me and advised me on what to do. She began to send Scriptures for me to pray with daily. I called some pastor friends to find out if they were aware of what was going on. They were very shocked and said that they were not aware and were not present at any meeting with the chief priest and community leaders. On Monday morning, the Lord told me to stop listening to the devil. He told me that He would rule over the matter so, I should not be afraid. At some point, news began to spread that I was telling the pastors not to close down their churches and threats started coming to me directly and indirectly but I was not afraid since the Lord had said that He would take charge. Some Pastors and I contributed N1,000 each and agreed to invite the police to help maintain peace and order as we carried out our church services during the festival days. The police was given N16,000 to fuel their patron van. I didn’t kick against it because I knew that beyond our plans, God would show up so, I continued to pray. We (some pastors and I) waited on the Lord in prayers for a few days and He heard us. We prevailed. Though I was sad when I heard that some Pastors had already announced to their congregation that there would be no services until the Ikpoleki festival was over, I was very excited at the victory which God gave us over the matter.

On Saturday 29th September, very early in the morning at 6:00am, I heard some people banging my gate. From the noise I was hearing, I discovered that there was a joy in the air. I came out to see what was happening but I did not open the gate. When I asked the people cheering and screaming outside what was going on, they said that the chief priests of our communities had announced that churches should open whether the Ikpoleki festival was going on or not and people should be free to go to church and worship God. I was very happy and grateful to God when I heard that. I called Mummy G.O. to inform her about the victory which God had given us. She was happy too and asked me to let the people outside my gate inside so that I could inform them that the victory was the handiwork of God. I opened the gate, told them so and prayed a prayer of thanksgiving with them.

After the thanksgiving prayer with the people, I left for a Pastors’ prayer meeting. After the prayers, I announced to them that God had fought the battle but we still had to be very vigilant. We closed the prayer and fasting meeting and left to our various homes. Though series of events occurred after that, we still held all our church services. The physical police that was paid didn’t show up but God sent His heavenly host to watch over us.

Also, apart from the victory that God gave us over the Ikpoleki festival, I am very grateful to the Lord that the Evbomodu and Urora Pastors’ forum which I have long been yearning for has commenced. Before now, the Pastors in the communities had paid deaf ears to my advice that all Pastors should come together to intercede for the land.

I give all the glory to God for everything. This is more than an OPEN CHEQUE blessing for me and all Abundant Lifers in Benin Branch. Praise God!
Pst. Happiness.



During last year’s National Prayer Conference in 2017, I told God that I wanted more of Him. Since that time till now, my prayer life has improved tremendously and I have started receiving calls that connect me to important personalities. One day, I got a call to come for a job and the caller was a stranger. When I asked him how he got my contact, he said that he saw it on a poster. From his description, the poster was on the wall of my former office that was affected during the demolition of shops and houses by the Lagos State government for the construction of the bridge at Pen-cinema, Agege. He gave me an appointment to see him which I did. He gave me the job and paid me well for it.

Most of the time these days, whenever anyone I know call me, it is to connect me to wealthy men who need photography for their ceremonial functions. The Bible says that the gift of a man will make him to stand before kings. That is what is happening to me now and I give God all the glory for this lifting in my career. Praise the Lord!
Pst. Femi Agboyin                                                                                                        



In 2017, I attended the National Prayer Conference for just three days and went home. When I got home, I discovered that my cousin whom I had brought from the village to stay with me was manifesting and acting weirdly. I prayed and thought that she would be fine but the following day while I was at my place of work, my children called me to say that she was still manifesting and speaking mysteries. I had to leave what I was doing to rush home. When I got home, I found out that she was carrying a knife and threatening to stab my children with it. When I couldn’t stand her behaviour anymore, I asked her who she was and a spirit started speaking through her. She told me that she was from three kingdoms from where she was sent to perform havoc in my home. At that point, I realised that it was a battle and a deliverance case. “That is a lie from the pit of hell. You cannot succeed because I know the God I serve.” I made for my anointing oil and began to cite Bible verses that aided deliverance and began to bind the spirit that was manifesting through my cousin. I also kept praying and declaring God’s protection over my home.

I know deliverance sessions are carried out by deliverance ministers in my church but I never knew that one day I would be conducting deliverance on anyone. I anointed her eyes and navel and prayed until the foul spirit left her. I bless God for this great encounter. It was a great deliverance! Now I truly know that greater is He (Jesus) that is in me than he (the devil) that is in the world. Praise God!
Sis. Jack Moses



I have been having stomach ulcer for some time now and that is why I find it difficult to fast. But this year 2018, I made up my mind to participate in the National Prayer Conference. As I joined in the programme, I did not have any stomach ache. I thank God for delivering me from stomach ulcer. I also came to this year’s prayer conference with a lot of burdens but a word of prophesy came for me that the Lord has settled my case. I give God all the glory!
Sis. Obembe.



At the beginning of National Prayer Conference 2018, I asked the Lord to show me a sign that He would answer my prayers. On the fifth day of the programme, a prophesy came for me. God said that He was in the business of answering prayers so, I should not bother about my prayers being answered because He was in charge already.

That was a confirmation that God was on my matter. Apart from this spiritual assurance, there was a physical manifestation. God used someone to favour me; give me a very good gift. Praise God!
Pst. Enubuje.



Before last year’s prayer conference, I was battling with the spirit of stagnation because I had not been promoted for the past thirteen years in my place of work. So, I came to last year’s prayer conference with a heavy heart. During the conference, God asked Mummy G.O to pray against the spirit of stagnation, limitation and demotion. The message came severally by prophesy and I believed God was talking about my matter. I took up the prayer point and prayed like my life depended on it. After the National Prayer Conference, I resumed work. On the very day I resumed, I received a letter. When I opened it, I discovered that it was my letter of promotion. I was promoted without having to go through any test or interview. I give God all the glory! However, because of the supernatural intervention that made my promotion possible, many people rose up against me at my place of work. The gossip among my colleagues was so intense that I realised I was in another battle. I made up my mind to look up to God who was my only help. So, on 1st October 2018, I came to the National Prayer Conference with the hope that God would calm the tension at my place of work and give me peace. Behold! On the very first day of the conference, a word of prophesy came for me; that the Lord was going to fight as many who were fighting against me and He would give me peace. What a word that settled my case! I give God all the praise, honour and adoration for the peace He has restored in my life. His praise shall forever be in my mouth!
Dcns. Babamboni



One of the reasons I came to last year’s National Prayer Conference was for God to intervene in my life because I realised that I had been operating below capacity especially in my business. Everything I did always boiled down to an average achievement and not excellence. I came with the prayer request that God should enlarge my coast. Two days before the end of the National Prayer Conference, the Lord opened my eyes to see the reason behind the limitation in my life. God showed me someone bottled up inside a small gas cylinder. Then He went on to show me a bigger gas cylinder which He poured the content in the small cylinder into and it began to overflow. The Lord also showed me a family that was at logger heads with me. In the revelation, I saw that I was relating very well with them and we were at peace. From that point after the conference, I began to experience an enlargement in my printing business. Formerly, during printing season, I hardly ever had good jobs but today, the work I have daily is so voluminous that I rarely had time to attend the morning sessions of National Prayer Conference 2018. I only featured at the vigils. I thank God for enlarging my coast in business and I believe this enlargement will not cease in His mighty name. Praise the Lord!
Pst. Bimbo



I came to National Prayer Conference last year with the burden of my wedding. I was preparing for it but there were several factors which seemed to be opposing the possibility. I cried to the Lord at the conference and He took absolute control of everything. Today, I am married and the Lord has blessed us with a bouncing baby boy. I give Him all the glory!
Pst. Femi Oyaremi



I received the Holy Ghost baptism on the first day of National Prayer Conference 2018. After the encounter, the Lord opened my eyes and I saw light shine over the darkness that was before me. Also, during the conference, I had a revelation where two men came to me and handed over a file to me. I opened the file and saw a document, a passport with visa. As I looked at them askance, they told me that everything inside the file was mine. While in camp, on Monday 8th October 2018, I received a phone call from an uncle of mine who had forgotten me for several years. Before he called, I have been struggling by myself for years because he and other relatives had abandoned me to fend for myself. So, when he called, I was surprised. He apologised and promised to make up for the past years. I thank God for this because it can only be His handiwork. Praise the Lord!
Sis. Folashade Blessing



I came to the National Prayer Conference organized by the intercessory unit of Abundant Life Gospel Church for the first time in 2018. A friend of mine who attends Abundant Life Gospel Church invited me. Though I am not a member of the church, I came with the mind that the Lord would touch me at the prayer conference and He did. Before the conference, I had been on a seven-day fasting and prayer programme. While on the programme, the Holy Spirit asked me to pray against marital delay. I finished the programme on Monday 1st October and joined in the National Prayer Conference on 2nd October, 2018. During the programme, a word of prophesy came and my name was mentioned. I was very surprised because nobody knows me in Abundant Life Gospel Church except my friend who invited me. The Lord said through the prophesy that He had taken away marital delay from my life. He said that He would settle me and cause me to laugh all through the month of October. For the Lord to tell me that by prophesy, I believe that all my prayers have been answered. I have started laughing and I thank God for this turnaround in my life. It is a turnaround because for two years, I have been going through situations that caused me deep sorrow and has been making me cry. While the praise was going on at the vigil on the last day of the prayer conference, I recalled that I had not been as happy as I was that night for two years. It is the Lord’s doing and I give Him all the glory because He will complete what He has started in my life here at the prayer conference in Jesus’ name.
Sis. Abimbola



I thank God for healing me of a very disturbing headache. Since it started, the pain has always been very intense in the middle of my head. When it starts, I will not be able to do anything. I have been praying to God to heal me and He touched me during National Prayer Conference 2018. Today, I stand to testify because the headache is gone. The Lord has taken it away and I give Him all the glory for healing me. Praise God!
Sis. Okwoche Patience



On 3rd October 2018 during the prayer conference, a word of prophesy came for me; that I should go and lie on the altar because the Lord was giving me “Divine Connection”. I did; went to lie on the altar and started praying for the mercy of God to come upon me. Then on 6th October at exactly 6:00am, I received a phone call. It was news of an answer to one of my prayer requests at the prayer mountain. I thank God for that alert and believe that every other prayer request which I have brought before the Lord will be granted by Him. Praise God!
Pst. Babamboni



I want to thank God that this year 2018, He healed me of stomach ulcer. As I dared to participate in the National Prayer Conference, the Lord saw me through. Today, the symptoms of ulcer have completely disappeared. Again, last year, I had a problem with my left leg. The leg suddenly started aching me so badly that I could hardly go out. The pain was so excruciating that I could neither sleep well nor stand properly. It also extended to my hands where I began to feel strained went to a hospital where an x-ray was done on the leg and it was revealed that the pain had sprung up due to excessive trekking (I had actually been moving around doing evangelism and prayer walks). However, some drugs were prescribed for me and I started taking them. Though the pain on the leg reduced, the relief was not complete. During the prayer conference, at one of the vigils, all participants started dancing around the auditorium when praise started. I joined in the dance and began to pray that God should touch my leg as I danced. Though I was in pain, I managed to dance as much as I could. After the vigil, I realised that the pain on my leg had disappeared. God healed me again. When I went to sleep, I had a dream where I was sitting with a group of people and had three caps on my head. Two men were sitting behind me. Suddenly, one of them snatched a cap from my head and in anger, I challenged him and took the cap back from him. That was a victorious dream for me on recalling many unpleasant things that had been happening to me before I came for the National Prayer Conference. I thank God for healing me and giving me victory. Glory be to God!
Pst. Chris Nwabueze.



I appreciate God for changing my business status. In 2017, I was working from home as a fashion designer but this year the Lord gave me a shop. Though it is a little beginning, I believe the Lord will enlarge it.

Also, I came to National Prayer Conference 2018 without a prayer request for myself. The only

Prayer request I came to the camp with was that the Lord should touch my mother and siblings so that they would encounter Him and give their lives to Christ. During the conference, there was a prophecy concerning them (my family). Then I realized that the Lord was already at work concerning them. I thank God and give Him all the glory because I know that He will complete what He has started in their lives. Praise God!
Sis. Ruth



I came to prayer conference for the first time in 2015. That year, I came with one of my brothers who was mentally ill. I had been praying for him but the problem still lingered. When I came to the National Prayer Conference, I shared his problem with some ministers and they joined me in praying for him. I believed very strongly that year at the prayer conference that God would heal him and He did. His healing became evident a week later. I soon realised that he was talking, reasoning and acting normally. That was a divine restoration! A year later, he began to tell me that he wanted to get married. I encouraged him to wait on the Lord to choose a wife for him. Then I brought his prayer request to the prayer conference in 2016. Sooner than expected, the Lord gave him someone to marry and today he is married to her. I give God all the glory for His wondrous works in the life of my brother!
Dcn. Bolaji Adebire



During National Prayer Conference 2017, the Lord remembered me for good. I had a life changing encounter at the conference especially after prophecy came concerning my family and me. The Lord promised to transform my life and change my status. Today, I boldly testify that the Lord has truly remembered me and has turned my story into glory. All that He has promised concerning my life has come to pass. Last year, I was still a tenant struggling to pay my house rent but today God has made me a landlord; I have a house of my own. At my place of work, He is also doing marvellous things and I give Him all the glory. Praise the Lord!
Dcn. Oloyede Ayodele



I want to give God all the glory for putting the enemy to shame in my life. I had problems with my results while I was in my third year in the university. My results were so that bad that I would have to have two extra years after my mates had graduated. After my colleagues graduated, I stayed back in school. I rewrote the courses that I carried over but I failed them again. I could not understand what was happening to me because the more I read and worked hard to pass, the more I failed. I felt the problem was spiritual so, I took the matter to God in prayers at the National Prayer Conference. I attended 2015 and 2016 conferences and tabled my matter before God. I could not attend that of 2017 but my sisters and some brethren in church stood in the gap for me; interceding on my behalf for God to intervene in my case. It was not easy for me to go back to school to re-sit examinations even after my colleagues had graduated but I went back. When I began to work on my final year project, I also had a lot of challenges. My project supervisor became another prayer point for me because there was nothing I did that ever pleased her.

Despite all my attempt to do things right and pass my examinations, I still was not put in the graduating list. It got so bad that my mother had to go with me to my school to find out what was wrong. When we went to the administrative office of my school, my mother reported my case to the personnel there. My results were checked from the first year I entered school to my third year only for it to be discovered that all my results had been wrongly collated. The error was from the people who calculated my scores. All my scores had to be recalculated and well collated before my name was finally put in the list of graduating students. Many things were put in place after that discovery and today I have graduated from school. This is a huge deliverance for me and I give all the glory to God. Praise the Lord!
Sis. Oyebanji Toluwaleke



For some months I have been having pains on the soles of my two feet. The pain is always so intense that I find it very difficult to walk sometimes. I did all I could to be relieved of the pain; I went to the hospital where I was given medication. Despite the medication, the pain just wouldn’t go away. I attended National Prayer Conference 2018 with the pains on the soles of feet as one of my prayer requests. While at the conference, a word of prophecy came concerning me. The Lord said that the plan of the enemy was to make it impossible for me to walk but that He had stepped in and delivered me from his hands. Since that night of the prophecy till date, the pains on the soles of my feet have disappeared. I am healed and I give God all the glory for this!
Dcns. Ologe



Since I was born, there has been this unpleasant situation that anytime a major event is to occur in my life I will fall sick. The sickness won’t just be minor but it would be so intense that I will have to be admitted in the hospital. I wrote my WAEC and NECO examinations from the medical centre in my school. All these were contention from the devil because he knew that I was a peculiar child with a unique destiny in God’s hands. When I gained admission into the university, the story was still the same. In my first year, I was rushed to the hospital from where I wrote my first and second semester examinations.

In 2017, I came for the National Prayer Conference and tabled the matter before God. I told God that He had to dry up the root of sickness in my life and He did. I am grateful to Him for that. However, during my third year in school, it was not sickness that confronted me but a financial challenge. Things were very tight for my parents and they could not pay my school fees. The law in my school is that anyone who has not paid a certain percentage of school fees would not be allowed to write examinations. I had not paid any amount so, it was obvious that I would not be allowed to write any examination. Miraculously, God raised some money for my school fees but I was not able to pay it before my examination started because it was at the time of public holiday and no bank opened. My examination was scheduled for a Monday and by Sunday, I had not paid my school fees. That Sunday, I went to a garden in my school to pray. When I got there I could not pray but began to cry. As I was crying, a woman in white apparel walked up to me and asked me why I was crying. Before I could utter any word, she said to me, “Stop crying and tell God what you need. The Lord wants to hear your voice.” On hearing that, I summoned up courage and began to pray. The woman then told me that the devil was contending with the glory of God upon my life but that he had failed. She also said that concerning my examination the following day, the Lord would use someone to speak in my favour and I would be allowed to write the examination. She added that the favour I would receive would rub on other students who fall in my category and they would also be allowed to write the examination. The following day while at the examination centre, a man spoke for me and I and other students were allowed to write the examination. I thank God for His intervention. That could only have been made possible by Him.

On the second day of National Prayer Conference 2018, there was a word of prophesy for me. The Lord said that every contention of the enemy in my life had come to an end. I am so grateful to God for fighting my battle and giving me victory. Praise the living God!
Sis. Kemi Babamboni



During National Prayer Conference 2017, I came with a lot of burden and prayer requests. God has answered almost all of them. I asked Him for a bigger apartment and He gave me. I asked Him for a shop for my business and He gave me. I asked Him to prosper my business and He did it and is still doing it. I was sick and He healed me. He has also been protecting me and my family from harm. I thank Him for all these and believe that He will grant me answers to the remaining requests which I have already tabled before Him. Praise the Lord!



I came to National Prayer Conference 2017 with a lot of burden. My mother, siblings and I had been involved in a struggle to get our rightful family inheritance but the struggle was tough and proving abortive. My younger sister was supposed to go back to school at that time but there was no money to pay her school fees. We were also believing God for a change of accommodation but there was no money to fulfil that dream. I give God the glory today because He has answered our prayers. He settled everything; the family heritage has been released to us, my sister’s school fees was miraculously supplied and she went back to school. Finally, He gave us a good accommodation very close to church and He also provided the means of paying for it. God is faithful and will not put His own to shame. Glory be to His name!
Sis. Elizabeth Agim



I want to give glory to God for healing me of a sickness that troubled me for years. Anytime the sickness came up, I would not be able to breathe because my nose would be blocked. The sickness persisted and I went to the hospital twice a month for check-up and medication. When I attended National Prayer Conference 2018, the Lord healed me. Also, the pain in my finger which I have been suffering for over a year since I was shot in a dream disappeared. I thank God for healing me.
Bro. John Addo



I came to National Prayer Conference 2018 with a severe pain at my back. The pain was so excruciating that I could not rush to stand up from a sitting position. While praying at the prayer conference, the pain disappeared. Now I am so relieved and grateful to God for healing me. Praise God!
Evang. Amoo



I thank God that I attended last year’s prayer conference which I almost didn’t attend. I came to the prayer mountain with a lot of burden. Things were not working fine for me as expected and my boss relieved me of my job without reason. I want to give God the glory today because as that door closed, He opened another door for me. I have always wanted to be a boss of myself and the Lord did it. From where I least expected, He worked out a miracle and opened an avenue for me to start my own business. Today, I am my own boss. Glory be to God!
Sis. Blessing Nnah