Date: 17th – 19th May, 2019

God is always doing a new thing in our lives. The thing is, we can’t experience them fully nor benefit from them the way we are intend to if we aren’t ready for them. In fact, we will even suffer from these new things if we aren’t ready for them.

As seen in our anchor scripture, Mark 2:22, “And no one pours new wine into old wineskins. Otherwise, the wine will burst the skins, and both the wine and the wineskins will be ruined. No, they pour new wine into new wineskins.” the Lord Jesus said that old wineskins will burst when new wine is poured on them. This means that old mind-sets, even if based on Godly principles, still won’t be able to handle new and creative ideas fresh out of a revelation from God’s word. This is what happened to the Pharisees.

The disciples, however, were able to receive His teachings. How were they able to? It’s because they were new wineskins. The disciples, unlearned as they are, simply took Jesus at His word.

Do you want to be a new wineskin? If you do, here’s something that you should do:

Stop enjoying old wine!

We’ve got to let go of the boxes of familiarity and comfort we’ve stuffed ourselves in. We’ve got to throw away all the limited perceptions that we have about God and what He can do. We’ve got to trust and follow His word by faith.

Moving in the spirit of singing a New Song in 2019, the theme for the Singles’ Convention this year (NEW WINE) is geared at transforming the minds and lives of singles in the church and our local community, winning them out of darkness into the Light of God’s Spoken Word.

Make it a date with God these three days, 17th to 19th of May, 2019, and let us Drink of the New Wine.

The Abundant Life Singles’ Fellowship is the initiative of the Abundant Life Gospel Church to cultivate vibrancy and vitality regarding spiritual affairs, material matters and relationship issues in young unmarried believers.

Our young people are encouraged to continue to be leaders of thought and action in all phases of life.

Some recurrent programmes Abundant Life Singles Calendar Year include:

The Abundant Life Singles’ Convention

The Abundant Life National Youth Camp

Keep in touch for more details on these exciting programmes and others.

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You can contact Singles’ Leader, Todimu Oyebanji on 08160499530.


The Carnival is the perfect mix of evangelism and superlative fun for God’s people. Every year on Easter Monday, Abundant Lifers dressed in beautiful, outrageous and colourful costumes lead Agege in a Carnival procession round town. There are lots of dancing and singing to celebrate Christ’s resurrection. Evangelism like you’ve never seen it before. Gospel music shall be handled by the Abundant Life Voices. Costumes by You!!! This year’s route is Fagba to Iju Ishaga and back. There are Buses from church to venue at 9am.