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I have heard some people complain that a man cannot achieve much in life with little resources. That is a wrong mentality. For anyone who dares to believe God, I will like to assure him or her today that, having little does not mean being limited to progress or abundance!

Let’s take a look at the story of a man called Emmanuel. He and his workmen had multitude of followers who were with them for a whole day. By the evening of that day, the multitude was already very hungry and He needed to make food available.

The place where Emmanuel and his men were was a desert; an abandoned, deserted and uninhabited zone where they could not get food. Moreover, the time was far spent; it was already very late.

Surrounded by those conditions, His workmen suggested that the multitude of followers should be sent away to the city where they could get themselves something to eat. To the workmen, that was the only reasonable solution at that time.

Again, if they had to provide food for them, they would have to spend a fortune which they didn’t have. 

On enquiry, it was discovered that the only little food available belonged to a young boy. It was just five loaves of bread and two fishes.

Emmanuel, at that critical time had no other choice but to believe God Almighty for provision. He then dared to believe that the little food which was available was no limitation to an abundant supply. So, He took the five loaves of bread and two fishes, refusing to see how little and insignificant they were to meet the huge need on ground. He also refused to look at the multitude of 5000 followers made up of 5000 men, aside the women and children who were seated and waiting to be fed but looked up to Heaven: to the Unlimited God who can perform the impossible, who can do exceeding,  abundantly above what any man can ever ask or imagine. In His unwavering belief and trust in God, He gave Him thanks. Then immediately and supernaturally, the limitation on the little food which was available was removed. He then handed over the bread and fishes to his workmen and asked them to serve everyone seated. As they began to serve the multitude from person to person, the five loaves of bread and two fishes multiplied until it fed the 5000 followers. They all ate to their satisfaction. After they had all been fed, Emmanuel’s workmen gathered the crumbs in 12 baskets. What a miracle!

Beloved, having little is no limitation to your abundance! Perhaps, it is the little you have that you need to work out your miracle if you dare to believe God. Do not look at how little the resources available to you are. Start with the little in your hand and trust God for abundance. He will be moved by your faith and multiply that LITTLE beyond your expectation to meet all your needs.

As you believe God, I see Him take you from the level of Mushroom to the level of much room in Jesus’ name.

Enjoy Beauty for Ashes.

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