Shame is the opposite of glory and when it is evident in a man’s life, it takes over his glory. The shame can be a thorn in one’s flesh, one’s business or marriage but through this message, God will destroy every shame confronting you. He will give you a new glory that is far better than the former one. He will increase your worth and all men will see that your value has been enhanced.

Picture yourself as the “house” which God is talking about in verse 7 of Haggai chapter 2. This is because there is a glory which God has created you with. 

From the story of Naaman in the Bible, we can see that he had a glory. He carried a measure of glory which was commendable. He was a Captain of the host of Syria, an honorable man, and a great man. Through him, the Lord gave deliverance to Syria. With this, we can say that he was a man who had a great influence and made so much impact among the enemies that he was highly respected – II Kings 5:1.

But something happened along the line to him. Despite how great and honorable his glory was, Naaman had a shame. There was something in his life that did not allow the total manifestation of God’s glory. He was leprous and that tarnished his glory to some extent. The Bible says that Naaman had so much glory BUT he was a leper. That leprosy was the shame (But) in his life.

As you read this message, it is my sincere prayer that the Lord will turn every shame in your life to glory. Any shame or but in your life, no matter how little it is, shall be taken away.

I pray for you today that everything tarnishing God’s glory in your life, or that will not allow the totality of His glory to manifest in your life shall be removed today in Jesus’ name.

Naaman needed to have that shame taken away. It could be that the leprosy was a secret because many people did not know that he had leprosy. Though the deformity of leprosy may not be known to people, Naaman, his wife and family members knew that there was a BUT (a shame) in his life.

However, when Naaman obeyed the instruction of God’s servant to bathe in River Jordan, the shame was taken away and God gave him a new glory that further boosted his former glory and made his life better than it used to be. God took away the leprosy of Naaman (Vs. 14) as he dipped himself inside the water and his flesh was made clean like that of a new born baby.

This is the position many people find themselves today. They go through certain shame that they cannot even discuss with people around them. You may be having a BUT in your life yet in the midst of people you try to put up a happy face. People may not know what you are going through but you must understand that, God knows all that is troubling you. He will remove that shame from your life and give you a new glory.

Although Naaman went to see the prophet when he was directed to him, he did not get the instruction given to him very well because he went to the king who told him that he couldn’t help him. This is how many people are today. They seek solution to their problems from where there is no solution. They look for glory where there is outer darkness but thank God for Naaman who was redirected to the right source where he could get his new glory.

The anointing in God’s house is enough to take you from shame to glory and from one level of glory to another. When Naaman was told to go and dip himself in the river seven times he complained initially but when he eventually obeyed, his shame was taken away.

When God’s glory comes upon you, people around you will see it.  Your evangelism will become easier because you will be able to tell them that the new glory on you is from God Almighty.

The kind of leprosy that Naaman had was not known to people but it was degenerating which is exactly how his kind of disease operates. Even when it (leprosy) is treated, it cannot be 100% cured because the signs will still linger. Are you reading this message and feeling scared that your problem will not be solved but will rather move from bad to worse? Don’t be scared!


Naaman’s case was like that yet the Lord stepped in and gave him a beautiful skin. His skin was made fresh and his life became so glorious that everyone began to celebrate the God of Israel in his life. That will be your story today.


All you need to do is to

  1. Believe the Lord Jesus for your miracle and you will have peace. Romans 10:10
  2. Call upon Jesus, He will deliver you out any shame or trouble and you will glorify him. Psalm 50:15.

You will no longer be troubled because you will enjoy a new glory. As your new glory comes, people will come to know the mighty power of God through you.

I believe God will transform your life soonest into new Glory! Don’t hesitate to share your testimony with me through the contact form on our website.  I’m earnestly waiting to rejoice with you in Jesus’ Name.


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