Single mothers go through a lot of challenges in life. In reference to their difficult, distressing situations of hardship, danger and struggles, I will like to give them one or two words of encouragement today.

Single mothers usually feel helpless when they battle with extreme hardship, danger, problems of diverse kinds, etc.
However, I will like to assure them today that God can put their plights to flight and give them pleasure.

Pleasure is enjoyment or satisfaction derived from what is to one’s liking; gratification and delight.

It is really very heart warming to know that plights can turn into pleasure. The story of Hagar in the Bible is a perfect example of plight turning into pleasure.

Hagar, a beautiful young damsel became a single mother by circumstances beyond her control. When she was chased out of the house with her son, she wandered in the desert not knowing what to do. To make matters worse, all she had to take care of her son and herself was just a little food and a bottle of water. She neither had money on her, nor any possession with her. That was ridiculous, wasn’t it?

When the food and water finished, she had no hope of replenishment from anywhere in the desert.
Her son became very thirsty and got dehydrated. Life was ebbing out of him. Hagar, at that moment, did not know what to do. She laid the child under a shrub, thinking he might die and walked away so she won’t see him die.

She walked away crying. Her son was also crying. But God heard the boy’s cry and called on Hagar saying: “What’s wrong Hagar? Don’t be afraid, I know your plight. Get up now, brace up and go get the boy. Hold on to him because I am going to make of him a great nation. I will turn your plight to pleasure.”

God solved the immediate problem of thirst which she had by opening her eyes. She then saw a well of water nearby and filled the bottle she had with water. She gave the boy some water to drink and life was restored to him.

Thereafter, the boy began to grow, and Hagar his mother, had the pleasure of watching him become a great man; a celebrated archer who got married, enjoyed life and became great as God had promised. Despite her plight, Hagar became a fulfilled single mother.

Like Hagar, one of the plights of single mothers is the difficulty of raising their children to greatness.

In their anxiety to raise funds to take care of their children and live life to its fullest, many make wrong decisions like sleeping with men for money, going into illegal businesses, stealing or sometimes even committing suicide.

God is the same God who came to Hagar’s rescue when she was in dire need. He can still do what He did for her for you. He wants to help you and is ever willing to help you. Dare to believe Him!

As you acknowledge the word of God today, your Plight will turn to Pleasure and you will embrace Beauty for Ashes.

To every single mother out there: Be rest assured that I am praying for you. Do you need any counsel? Send me a mail with:


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