The word “Rest” means freedom from work, labour, strain and everything that brings stress. It also means a pause for relaxation.

For four hundred and thirty years, the Israelites were in turmoil; severely afflicted and laboured under the yoke of the Egyptians. They cried unto God and He gave them a promise of rest. Unfortunately, because of disobedience and unbelief, they failed to enter the rest which God had promised them. God has promised us rest being His children. This means that everything which has stressed us in the past is coming to an end. Let us therefore be careful so that none of us will fail to receive this promised rest.

How do you enter this rest? You enter the rest by:

  1. Knowing that there is a rest which God has ordained for you and He can never lie about it (verse 9-11).
  2. Having faith in the word of God because there is power in His word (verse 11-13). Nothing physical or spiritual can hinder the word of God from manifesting if you have faith. Hold on to the word of God and declare it always. Say to yourself on a daily basis, “I have entered my rest.”
  3. Bearing in mind that we have Jesus, our High priest who is always standing in the presence of God interceding for us. He can be touched by the feeling of whatever we are going through. Jesus is with the Father making intercession for us. He sympathizes with us on our challenges and takes them to God in prayer on our behalf.
  4. Going boldly unto the throne of grace (verse 16). Go before the Lord in prayers without fear or any iota of unbelief or doubt to demand the rest which He has promised. Remember, there is time for everything (Eccl. 3:1). There is a time to labour and a time to rest. After working for six days, God Himself rested. You will not miss your rest in Jesus’ name.


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