TEXT: PSALMS 34:18-20

There are times in our lives when we find ourselves in situations which we cannot overcome by own personal efforts. During such situations, when you look around, you just realize that there is little man can do for you; that the help of man is limited.

At such times, all you need is divine intervention. An example can be drawn from the experience of David in II Sam. 17:15-22. Because of the dangerous plots of Absalom, enhanced by the counsel of Ahitophel, David fled for his dear life! One morning, very urgently, he arose, crossed Jordan and ran away with all his men. Since it was a sudden and unplanned journey, David could not take anything with him to sustain them. On realizing his situation, it is very certain that he would have prayed to God for a miracle and God divinely intervened (II Sam. 17:27-29). God raised people from far countries; people that could be rated as David’s enemies to be a blessing to him and his men.

From Ammon, Lodebar, Gilead, God made certain people to think about David. He made them have the burden about David and his men and say, “They must be hungry, thirsty and weary in the wilderness. Let’s make provision for them”. They acted promptly and came to David rescue. What an awesome God we serve! He can divinely intervene in any situation confronting His children. He can intervene for you!

David could never have imagined that such a provision would be made available for him and his men without asking it from man. Beds, basins, earthen vessels, wheat, barley, flour, parched corn, beans, lentils, parched pulse, honey, butter, sheep and cheese of many kinds were brought for him and his men. David and his men were not stranded but were satisfied because of God’s divine intervention! The God who did that is the same God today as He has always been. If He intervened for David, He can and will do same for you. Believe and expect it!


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