Jan 2018

Leadership is the ability and capacity of someone to lead, direct and guide others to accomplish a goal. Leadership is not just talking the lead but taking the lead. It is not occupying a position but making outstanding contributions and impacts. It is not just about ordination titles but remarkable input. The real worth of a leader is in his ability to profitably manage himself, his subjects, and his resources to fulfill his given task. Leadership is very critical to church growth. The extent to which a church grows is largely dependent on......

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Oct 2017

LIVING IN HIS GRACE AND WINNING SOULS REV. (DR) JANET ONAOLAPO TEXT: II COR. 9:8 Five is the number of Grace. The month of May is the fifth month of the year and the Lord is saying, “I am releasing my grace upon my children”. Grace is a disposition of kindness and compassion from God to someone. God gives it to whomsoever He chooses to give it to. It’s not by works and I am so glad that He has chosen to bestow His grace upon us. II Cor. 9:8 says, “And......

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